So the world would've had one fewer McDonald's. And the downside would be what?

Sounds like a great job by the respective fire departments; thank you.

Overall, this sounds encouraging, and an appropriate step in the continuing improvement of the Marion Police department.

Nonetheless, I would be very interested in having off-the-record conversations with police officers/detectives, city officials as well as other police department sta…

Medium? Median. :)

"The company now offers 1 gigabit per second download and 500 megabits per second upload – 'the only speed we’re offering until we can take it even higher,' Sapp explained."

Yikes! Gig down and .5G up? You listening, CenturyLink???

What a great story, about a great effort to honor great people. Thank you.

"Regardless of any vote, the mission of the UMC remains ‘to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

Changing church "doctrine" to suit a class of people is the church being transformed, not the other way around.

"...57 charges on his criminal record, including driving while intoxicated, and had been convicted of six felonies, 11 misdemeanors and 10 traffic infractions."

I bet the 25 years this guy got isn't even half of what he should've gotten for all those crimes over the years. G…

$850,000 to navigate...Wytheville? And they say government efficiency is dead....

Awesome story; thanks for telling it.