When the pits at Wythe Raceway are full of cars from all over the United States, Canada and even Australia, and the grandstands packed with race fans, that’s how you know it’s going to be a night of excitement.

Schaeffer’s Oil Southern National Super Late Models joined the Wythe Raceway family in running a 53-lap race on the clay super speedway.

With the largest starting class ever – 30 drivers took the first green flag. Having 30 cars on the track, it didn’t take long for the leader Dale McDowell a driver from Chickamauga, Georgia, to catch the rear of the field.

Only four yellow flags were displayed, the last one coming on lap 51, giving a green white checkered fight to the finish.

McDowell led the whole race, not being able to be touched, even pulling away from the huge field on the restarts. He was more than happy to hold that 10,000 dollar check at the end of the night. Second place went to Vic Hill from Mosheim, Tennessee. Third was Eric Wells Hazard, Kentuckys and fourth was Ross Bailes, Clover, South Carolina.

NRV Furniture UCAR class had a comparably small class as to normal nights -- starting only 13 cars. On the start Travis Quesenberry from Atkins took an early lead pulling away from the field with the battles behind him. Daniel Wright, Wytheville, Brian Tate, Wytheville, Dakota Wilson and Boomer Wilson from Rural Retreat, Brandon Hale, Tazewell, and Kayla Surber from Sugar Grove, were tooth and nail, with each other in a big pack trading bumps pushes and dings even making it three wide racing at some points.

On lap four, Caroline King, Wytheville, Ricky Ward, Marion, and Andrew Hudgins, Bluewell, West Virginia, were involved in a minor accident to bring out the first caution of the night.

Lap 9 gave the second caution for Boomer Wilson and Hale in turn four. Hale’s car was too damaged to continue. The last six laps were no different than the first nine, with everyone wanting better positions. Quesenberry took home the win followed by Wright, Tate, and Dakota Wilson who was only 0.067 away from being third. Fifth went to Surber followed by three cars who had been pushing hard for the sixth-place position, King, Hudgins and Will Hostetler from Rural Retreat.

The Wythe Eye Modifieds had an interesting night with racing on what looked like an asphalt track after the Super Late Models had finished their race gave a new perspective on slick dirt. Five cautions were thrown during the 20-lap feature. Morgan Widener, Chilhowie, Justin Blevins, Marion, and Patrick Wheeler, Rural Retreat, tried to chase down Tam Topham -- a dominant driver from Wytheville.

With battles all throughout the field, a bunch up happened on lap 11 in turn two involving Richard Shupe, Bluefield, West Virginia, Cole Hedrick, Wytheville, Cody Tate, Rural Retreat, Zack Mathena, Chilhowie, and Heath Martin Wytheville, with all cars making it out damaged but able to continue. Topham took home another victory followed by Widener, Wheeler, Blevins, who lost third to Wheeler on lap 18 and Cody Umberger for fifth.

Fan Favorite R&C Super Street started with nothing less than side by side racing. Keith Griffitts claimed another win for the season after a few weeks of being off key. Griffitts pulled away from the field in a hurry, leaving the rest to dispute rank. Dale Hancock, Atkins, and Duke Bare, Meadowview, drove door to door for second.

Jerry Dillow and Mike Keith also had a contest of who could come across the finish line in fifth. On a restart coming out of turn two ended with Tony Parks, Stuart, Bobby Hilton, Glade Spring, and Brian Peeples, Wytheville, were involved in a small accident. Thankfully all were able to continue. The finishing order were Griffitts, Bare, Hancock, Kevin Cox, Ceres, and Dillow who started dead last for issues in hot laps to finish fifth.

One of the best races of the night came from the last class to take on the high banks. Drivers of the Pro Minis had a slick track on their hands but handled the steering wheel well. Tanner Cook, Max Meadows, Shane King, Wytheville, Travis Harden, Marion, Kevin Atwell, Rural Retreat, Terry Sharp and Chuck Kinzer, both from Woodlawn, were pushing their cars to limits for ever inch they could achieve, making moves that had fans holding their breath.  Harden took home another trophy at the end of the night followed by Atwell, Kinzer, King, Sharp and Cook for the top six.

Come to the track on Saturday, July 21, for Wythe Eye Modifieds $500 to win and July 28 for the FASTRAK Triple Crown.

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