Give me that old time baseball.

Yea, I’m talking about real old-time baseball. The kind that gentlemen played on Sunday afternoons on freshly cut lawns -- before there were stadiums with professional players wearing uniforms of their teams.

There have been a number of Vintage Baseball leagues that have sprung up around the nation, many of them in the Northeast. Michael Gillman is hoping to start a Vintage Baseball league in Wythe County.

Gillman is the curatorial education assistant for the town of Wytheville Department of Museums. He has scheduled a meeting to see if enough people would be interested in forming a Vintage Baseball league. He would like to get enough people to form at least two teams, maybe more. And women are welcome to join the league as well. And there are no age limits, but participants are generally over 18 years old.

The meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 22, in the Heritage Preservation Center, located at 115 West Spiller St. in Wytheville.

Gillman said the rules from the game of baseball that was played in the mid to late 1800s are basically the same as today except for a few differences. For example, the ball is a little softer, which comes in handy because the players are not allowed to wear gloves. Also, the pitcher must throw the ball slowly, underhand, and where the batters direct him to.

Some of the old-time leagues have adopted old-timey uniforms and players are encouraged to use baseball terms that were common back around the 1850s.

Gillman plans to show video of some of the baseball leagues and hand out brochures. If you have questions or if you plan to attend, you can call 223-3330 or email Gillman at

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