Tazewell, Va., - County offices are now closed to the public following an emergency meeting of the board of supervisors Mar. 24.

The board voted to closes the administration building to the public until April 21. County employees will be at work and may be contacted via phone at 385-1200. 

Those employees will work the same hours implemented last week, closing at noon on Fridays and reopening at noon on Mondays. They will be on duty 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Tuesday thru Thursday. The board also voted to stop rentals of cabins, kayaks, boats and picnic shelters at Cavitts Creek Park. 

Bait sales will be stopped and while the park will remain open no groups larger than 10 will be allowed. People are also asked to maintain social distance while in public places.


Local police departments are taking steps to ensure their safety while responding to the needs of the public.

Both Tazewell and Richlands have put policies in place to deal with the Covid-19 virus. Tazewell Police Chief David Millls issued a press release asking for the public to tell dispatch when they call for assistance from an officer.

He said this will determine how the officer responds to the call.  Officers may take report by phone without responding in person to minor calls.  Mills said when officers are summoned to a home or business the caller needs to step outside and talk in an open environment.

The department will be open to the public but they ask that people limit their in person calls and tell the dispatcher they need to talk to an officer. The department has also suspended fingerprinting for the time being.

The chief encouraged people to be safe, show kindness, check on the elderly and sick and run errands for those that don’t need to be out.

Richlands Police Chief J.W. Gilbert has put similar rules in place for his department. Richlands has a window the public comes to and asks to speak with an officer when making a walk in call.

Citizens are evaluated at the window before being allowed to speak with an officer. The major difference in the policy in Richlands and Tazewell is Richlands’ officers “may’ ask you to step outside and talk to them when dispatched to your home.

Richlands has also suspended its fingerprinting program for the public.  







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