Tazewell, Va. – It is not a certainty Tazewell County Schools will have sports in the fall but preparations are being made.

Coaching staffs for all three high and middle schools were approved and contracts with officials given the ok during the June 8 school board meeting.  Superintendent of Schools Dr. Chris Stacy said the contract with Appalachian Officials Association for football and volleyball is void if there are no games.

There are several new faces in the head coaching ranks for fall sports. Thad Wells, replacing Greg Mance at Richlands is the only new head football coach.  There were several changes on the Tornado staff as well as changes in other coaching positions at all schools.

The complete list of fall athletic assignments is below.

Graham High School

Matthew Dixon                                   Athletic Director

Tony Palmer                            Head HS Football

Chris Austin                            Assistant HS Football

Clifton Bradshaw                   Assistant HS Football

Rex Bradshaw                                    Assistant HS Football

Dennis Palmer                         Assistant HS Football

Scott Louthan                         Head MS Football

Patrick Buckner                                  Assistant MS Football

Jaime Bowman                                    Head Volleyball

Courtney Oxford                    Assistant Volleyball

Todd Baker                             Head Golf

Al MacNaughton                    Head Cross Country

Debra Brewster                                   Co-Head HS Cheer

Angel Roberts                         Co-Head HS Cheer

Debra Brewster                                   Co-Head HS Competition Cheer

Angel Roberts                         Co-Head HS Competition Cheer

Andrea Mitchem                     Head MS Cheer

Richlands High School

Thad Wells                              Head HS Football

Brandon Compton                  Assistant HS Football

Jeff Tarter                               Assistant HS Football

Adam Davis                            Assistant HS Football

Chris Altizer                            Assistant HS Football

Aaron Lowe                            Assistant HS Football

Frank Taylor                            Assistant HS Football

Jared Horn                              Assistant HS Football

Jeff Maggard                          Head JV Football

Anthony Cox                          Assistant JV Football

Benjamin Brown                     Assistant JV Football

Bobby Adkins                         Head MS Football

Matt Quesenberry                   Assistant MS Football

Leianna Stafflinger                 Head HS Volleyball

Keisha Lynch                          Head MS Volleyball

Jeff Taylor                               Head Golf

Morgan Lloyd                         Head Cross Country

Erin Ashworth                                    Head HS Cheer

Erin Ashworth                                    Head HS Competition Cheer

Tazewell High School

James Harris                            Head HS Football

Bill Dudley                             Assistant HS Football

Ben Mitchell                           Assistant HS Football

Mike Catron                            Assistant HS Football

Deacon Young                                    Assistant HS Football

Danny Dorton                         Assistant HS Football 

Brandon McDaniel                 Assistant HS Football

Shaquille McDonald               Assistant HS Football

Jason Watson                          Assistant HS Football

Jeremy Call                             Head MS Football

Danny Mullins                                    Assistant MS Football

Krag Kirk                                Assistant MS Football

Sarah Surber                            Head Volleyball

Lindsey Burris                                    Assistant Volleyball

Tom Keene                              Head Cross Country

Billy Cline                               Head Golf

Chelsea Whittaker                   Head HS Cheer


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