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As a Wythe County citizen, I want to make sure that the best candidates are elected to office. As one who has been privileged to hold an elected office, I want to make sure that voters have the best information available when they make their choice. I am concerned about serval untrue rumors that I have repeatedly heard.

As a practicing attorney, I am frequently in the office of the Circuit Court Clerk. I can assure you that contrary to many reports, that office is up-to-date with the most modern technology allowed by the Supreme Court, has records accessible online as allowed by the Supreme Court, and records are stored in a clean, orderly, and proper fashion. Clerk Hayden Horney has indicated he intends to serve out his entire term if elected. However, if he were to be unable to serve his entire term Virginia law prohibits him from choosing his successor. The Virginia Code specifies the process whereby upon a Circuit Court Clerk’s leaving office the Chief Deputy Clerk automatically becomes the acting Clerk serving until the next regularly scheduled election. Therefore, Mr. Horney is completely unable to select his successor.

I can also assure you that Clerk Hayden Horney is physically very capable of performing his duties, including speaking for extended periods of time during court proceedings. I would also inform you that Mr. Horney personally handles many probate matters and has served on the Virginia Clerks Association Education Committee for many years. This committee actually writes the training manual for Clerks. To say that Hayden does not know probate is untrue. In fact, he is such a well-known authority on probate matters that many other clerks across the state call upon him for his expertise.

Stephen Bralley is currently employed by the Town of Wytheville Police Department. He previously worked for the Virginia State Police, and with the Wythe County Sheriff’s Department. He is a certified firearms instructor, driving instructor, radar instructor, and has experience in all aspects of police work including narcotics investigation, patrol, and administration. He has pledged to serve his entire term if elected and will not select his successor. He has stated that he intends to improve the professionalism of the Sheriff’s Department by achieving accreditation. He has also stated that if elected he does not intend to dismiss any present employee but will offer them the opportunity to continue the improvement and advancement of the Sheriff’s department. Steve will make a very fine qualified Sheriff.

Lori Cregger Guynn is the only Treasurer’s candidate with 10 years of experience as a governmental treasurer. She knows the duties of the office because she has been the treasurer for Rural Retreat for 10 years. She has been a certified Master Governmental Treasurer by the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center since 2013. She is one of only six town treasurers in the state with this certification. There is no substitute for experience and Lori’s experienced, professional, and knowledgeable quality service to the citizens she serves as Rural Retreat Treasurer is her proven track record. She is active in the Treasurer’s Association of Virginia and stays current on issues affecting her office through continuing education courses and workshops. She is the only qualified, certified, and experienced candidate for Treasurer.

I think is very important that the voters have the facts about candidates rather than incorrect rumors.


Trenton G. Crewe Jr.

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