Calming down from my inner rage, I have sorted through some of it. Somehow, I have been able to draw it down from a rage ... to an irate ... to a hacked off ... to a rant. Call it many names, it is anger and frustration and disappointment and irritation.

Here in the “Appalachian Highlands,” we have only 31 active cases at my last look. Which 31? Someone you know? I know?

I think about the algorithmic mind of Facebook and how it suggests that I “friend” a commercial realtor I worked with for 8 months who knew a real friend I’ve known since I was born who, in turn, died within the last 6 weeks.

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon, people!

Six degrees of separation from two people I never could have possibly known had any sort of relationship with each other. Yet we are connected. If we could be so easily connected by smartphones and social media despite settings to protect our privacy, what happens with COVID-19?

My grandmother always said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If masks, frequent sanitizing of high-touch surfaces and frequent, thorough hand-washing can help reduce the risk of a ventilator or death, you betcha!

Not one thing makes sense to me about complaining over wearing face masks when away from home. People who say it smothers them to wear a fabric mask or a bandana amaze me. I have asthma, have gone into anaphylaxis five times and been rescued and have had the wind knocked out of me more times than I can count. A fabric face mask is a simple intervention and pales in comparison to a vent-ih-lay-tor. Or waiting as a loved one battles for his life. Or learning of her death.

It amazes me that we so depend on stasis, normalcy and all things being “usual” that we are willing to rush back in droves to flea markets and garden centers.

Clearly, the economy matters. Business matters. Having a job matters. Having unemployment benefits matters. Having savings matters. Not living paycheck to paycheck matters.

But living matters. A face mask, social distancing, frequent sanitation and thorough hand-washing are simple matters that make living and victory over this wicked virus possible.

This is reality, folks, for the foreseeable future.

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"If masks, frequent sanitizing of high-touch surfaces and frequent, thorough hand-washing can help reduce the risk of a ventilator or death, you betcha!"

IF, indeed.

What evidence do you have to support any aspect of your overall argument?

Do you believe pretty much everything the government tells you? (Yes, you do.)

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