Drop the pretense, Morgan Griffith! Drop the pretense that you represent anything other than the interests of the Republican Party and the special interests who dump large sums of money into your pockets each election cycle.

Two votes you cast recently prove exactly that. You voted against HR-3, which will lower the prices consumers pay for essential prescription drug medications like insulin. And yet:

Death rates from many common causes are much higher in Southwest Virginia than in Virginia overall. People in the GMEC service area are:

» 23% more likely to die from heart disease

» 44% more likely to die from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

» 41% more likely to die from pneumonia or influenza

» 30% more likely to die from diabetes

» 54% more likely to die from chronic liver disease

» 70% more likely to die from unintentional injuries and

» 70% more likely to commit suicide. (In fact the region has among the highest suicide rates in the state.) (Source: sullivan-county.com/id2/ram2.htm)

You have criticized HR-3 for being anti R&D. You just failed to disclose that R&D stands for the Rich and Deserving. You have taken $93,500 from pharmaceutical companies since 2007.

You also voted against the Articles of Impeachment passed by the House of Representatives, despite the overwhelming evidence of obstruction. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are spinning in their graves. Can you imagine what they would think of a president who chooses lies over truth, who allies himself with foreign dictators and who tried to use his power and influence to undermine the electoral process and influence the outcome of a democratic election? Can you imagine what they would think of a sitting U.S. Congressman who chooses to go along with this? Shame on you, Morgan Griffith! Shame on you!

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