At church last Sunday, as usual, we spoke in unison our Prayers for the People. This is a remembrance of our church fathers and saints who have gone before, a prayer for healing of those who are ill in body, mind or spirit, and then our appeal for God’s blessings of mercy upon our nation. We prayed that God would give “guidance for all those in authority, particularly Donald, our president, Ralph, our governor, and all members of our Congress and courts. Help them to lead our country with wisdom, courage, kindness and humility.”

Our nation is tearing asunder with unkind words and vitriolic rhetoric. I heard it on Election Day and witnessed it during the impeachment hearings.

Our diplomats are being maligned, and our secretary of state is silent in failing to defend them. He acquiesces to our arrogant president, who repeatedly issues demeaning slurs in the Twitter forum.

The words “humility” and “wisdom,” which our forefathers exhibited, have been trampled. Let us seek to heal our wounds, with God’s help, and restore our nation to its rightful place as a beacon to the world, not boasting that we are the greatest but making us a guiding light for all countries to admire.

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