Ready for another unfounded, costly war to bless and entertain the bored billionaires?

The Koch brothers are, along with their hireling Mike Pompeo.

Mr. Pompeo is the Kochs’ longtime private business partner (Thayer Aerospace, Sentry International).

With plenteous Koch campaign funding and attack ads from its fake-grass-roots front groups (Americans for This, Americans for That, Faith and Freedom, etc), the Kochs initially got Pompeo elected into Congress, where he prodigiously pushed the Kochs’ polluter-friendly, Koch-written legislation at taxpayers’ expense.

That’s why fellow lawmakers jokily dubbed Pompeo “the Congressman from Koch” rather than “from Kansas.” Everyone (including Donald Trump, who has long envied and despised the Kochs for their successful own-the-government biz model) knew exactly what private “state” Pompeo served.

Pompeo is even more useful to the Kochs as our new ill-informed Secretary of State, able to shred treaties and stir up hostility anywhere the Kochs tell him to.

His appointment happened via much pushing from Koch consultants who advise the President. Though the Kochs have long disdained Trump (funding Ted Cruz instead in 2016), each needs favors from the other, at the expense of taxpayers.

Conservative security officials, present and former, have expressed deep reservations at the appointments of both Pompeo and the bomb-and-blitz craving bully John Bolton.

Mr. Bolton himself loves to promote war while sparing his own hide. He aggressively (for conservative resume purposes) promoted the Vietnam War during his college days, while carefully evading combat (joining the Coast Guard specifically to avoid service in Vietnam).

As Bolton later put it, “I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy.” It’s OK, that is, for others to die in the wars one champions, but not one’s own important self.

This kind of reckless, aggression-loving, self-preserving personage is now ubiquitous at top levels of this Administration, seeking self-gain at the cost not only of the nation’s allies, public lands, coastal waters and treasury, but countless service members and civilian security.

It has deeply troubled retired Marine General James Mattis. This earlier Secretary of Defense broke his silence to warn Trump directly, last week, against goading Iran into conflict.

Mattis had supported the hard-won, highly-valuable Iran nuclear deal that Trump blew up in a few swift tweets. Mattis, H.R. McMaster and former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson—along with inspectors and security officials across the political spectrum—had found Iran in complete compliance with that life-protective agreement.

“That’s because Mattis, McMaster and Tillerson were Deep State operatives,” Steve Bannon and other liars-for-hire will have you believe.

Indeed, it’s become clear that the Deep State (unlike the Shallow one) includes anyone rooted more deeply in the common good of the entire nation and humankind than in their own temporary wealth, ego, vengefulness or power-games.

Shallow State operatives love war for reasons of pure self-interest. It’s good for their profits, approval numbers and re-election bids, and good for big-weapons industry campaign funders, no matter the cost to life on Earth.

Adding to these anti-peace incentives, there’s the all-reverend price-of-oil. Koch Industries wants it to jump.

Despite decades of Koch-funded campaign PR about “energy security” and the “need” to plunder the Arctic, fragile East Coast fisheries and everybody’s-backyard-with-a-pipeline to “keep prices down at the pump,” the Kochs of course want you paying higher prices at the pump, for home heating oil, and for the natural gas they’re now invested in.

Promoting price-raising LNG exports, squashing energy conservation and public transit initiatives across the U.S., and attacking climate science with PR hitman jobs and liars-for-hire, the Kochs have long been waging all-out political war to get petro prices and consumption up—not down.

Hence their long political war against the Iran nuclear deal, which agreed that if Iran complied, it could add its vast oil supplies to the global market. Iran did comply. Iranian oil flowed into the market, fuel prices lowered and were on track to continue dropping.

So now Koch-beneficiary Pompeo is busy courting deadly wars to sequester Iran’s fuel, restore scarcity and resurrect higher prices.

Pompeo assures you, of course, he’ll “try” to keep prices down with increased supplies from our new-best-friend, the murderous Saudi crown prince.

That’s in exchange for some Yemen-obliterating weapon sales, of course—along with much human life the Shallow State must pretend to revere while working to destroy it.

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