CSM Lavell Barrett spoke during the change of command ceremony at the 760th Engineer Company for outgoing Commander CPT David L. Brandl (third from left) and incoming Commander CPT Candice Heins (far left).

CPT Candice Heins of North Carolina has taken command of the 760th Engineer Company of the Army Reserves in Marion.

Heins was welcomed to her new post on Sunday afternoon during a change of command ceremony at the company headquarters.

“I feel honored,” Heins said of the posting. “I am very moved and touched by how involved and supportive the community is” of the 760th. “I am excited to take command.”

A native of Mechanicsville, Heins began her military career upon graduation from James Madison University with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics. She received her commission into the U.S. Army Reserve in August 2012. She has served in West Virginia, Texas, California, and North Carolina, where she lives with her husband, Chris, in Southern Pines. Chris serves as an active duty engineer officer at Fort Bragg. Heins is pursuing her Master of Science degree in environmental science and policy through Johns Hopkins University.

Heins succeeds CPT David L. Brandl, who had been commander of the 760th Engineer Company since March 2017. Brandl said he had very much enjoyed his time with the Marion unit, overseeing construction of several local projects, including steps and benches at the Riverwalk, an amphitheater in Saltville and repairs to a church in Sugar Grove along with other projects in the region.

“The local community and support we’ve received the past two years is the best in the 411th EN BDE if not the entire army reserve,” Brandl said as members of the company stood in formation for the ceremony. “I have no doubt this relationship will continue, and continue to serve as the example of how a community and FRG can support our soldiers in this formation.”

Brandl thanked the soldiers of the 760th for their work and support under his command.

“For two years we have been training and getting ready,” he said. “For two years we’ve been making sure that the 760th is relevant in the missions and tasks expected of a vertical engineer company. I am proud to transition command of a ready and relevant unit to an amazing officer who will only continue to push 760th EN CO to greater heights with real world missions.”

Of Heins, Brandl said, “I could not have found a better officer than CPT Candice Heins to transition with. We met during our time at Engineer Captains Career Course and she’s an excellent officer. She’s smart, funny, caring and most of all a great leader. There are few officers I’ve met that I would feel comfortable handing off such a great responsibility to.”

To Heins, Brandl said, “You have a heck of a ride ahead of you. I proudly hand to you the best unit in the 363rd EN BN. You have an exciting next couple years ahead of you and I promise you this time and this unit will enrich your life.”

Brandl thanked his staff for their successful work and his family, wife Samantha, daughter Emma, and parents who were present for the program.

A computer programmer from Boston, Mass., Brandl has been assigned as a plans officer in Raleigh.

Speaking to Brandl and Heins during the ceremony, LTC Randolph Leach said he is glad that Brandl is staying with the 363rd Battalion through his new duties in Raleigh and he is assured that Heins will do well in her new command.

“The 760th is a great organization and of all the companies in the battalion, is the most partnered and involved with the local community,” said Leach. He thanked Marion Mayor David Helms, present for the ceremony, for the town’s support of the unit.

The battalion leaders noted that the 760th will be deploying in May for three months in Guatemala along with the 365th Engineer Battalion in a mission that includes building a school. Heins said the company will be deployed again in June 2020 for nine months to a year supporting vertical construction in eastern Africa.

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