Dear Reader,

We are proud to be the primary source of news in each community we serve. We appreciate very much your continued support of our efforts to provide local news about your community.

The Clinch Valley News is the oldest of our newspapers in Southwest Virginia – actually one of the oldest in the entire company. The newspaper was first published in 1847 in the town of Jeffersonville, which today is known as Tazewell.

The Richlands News-Press is a much newer publication, established in 1966. It is the youngest of our group’s newspapers.

Over the years we’ve seen and experienced many changes, in the region and in Tazewell and Richlands in particular.

The changes in the economy have impacted our region significantly. It has dramatically impacted our communities. In the coming years, we likely will see and experience many more changes.

Some things don’t change however, including the incredible community support for our schools and in particular their athletic programs. Community pride is often centered around our sports teams. This has been one constant variable and will continue to be as we move into the future. I don’t know about you, but I still have newspaper clippings of stories about basketball teams I played on in junior high and in high school. My mother saved these for me. I remember seeing them taped to the front of our refrigerator when I was growing up. I did the same for my daughter when she attended high school.

Our role as a newspaper is unique. We are often times a recorder of history in the communities we serve, we provide news coverage for issues that quite frankly, keep people awake at night – like crime, taxes, government and education. We record everything from births to deaths, celebrations and remembrances.

We also see ourselves as a business, making decisions that will help maintain our viability and ability to do the things you’ve come to expect us to do, and more.

Beginning next week you will see a change in your newspaper. Starting next week you will see the Clinch Valley Times & Richlands News Press at the top of page one. Both newspapers have contained mostly the same stories for many, many years, with only a few pages (an average of four) each week that are different, pertaining to the specific community being delivered to.

We have decided to combine both newspapers into one, honoring the flags and names of both newspapers recognizing both communities, and adding content for both communities to read. In addition, we have added resources, human resources to help present information ahead of time, rather than report on what has happened already. We will bring you more feature stories about people, who might be members of your family, friends, neighbors, or folks you attend church with.

Thank you for your continued readership. It is a privilege for us to be able to continue the legacy of reporting on events and happenings and to celebrate the accomplishments of our businesses, residents and our student athletes.

Along with our editors, I welcome your input, feedback and story ideas. We want to continue the legacy of being your news source.


Jim Maxwell

Regional Publisher

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