The Floyd County School Board approved a resolution Monday to request funding from the Supervisors for construction of the Collaboration & Career Development Center (CCDC) and renovations to the Career & Technical Education (CTE) Facility. The cost of the project is $17,212,634. The Supervisors will be presented with the resolution at a future meeting and will have further discussion.

The 37,306 square foot CCDC building, designed by Thompson & Litton, would include:

12,019 sq. ft. for Innovative Flexible Instructional Space (Advanced Manufacturing, Robotics, future and current workforce skill development;

5,334 sq. ft. for Welding and Machining;

3,127 sq. ft for Culinary Arts;

2,799 sq. ft for Health Sciences;

3,834 sq. ft. for Floyd County Schools Administration;

5,166 sq. ft. for Facility Support (lobby, mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, storage);

5,027 sq. ft. for Chorus and Band Facility.

The renovation of the CTE building would include expansion of the current Building Trades space and Auto Mechanics space as well as design of the new eighth grade learning center. The center is aimed at helping with that transitional eighth grade year by providing a space suited to the eighth graders and also taking care of overcrowding at the high school.

The CCDC would be connected to the CTE, which in turn would be connected to the high school/gym, resulting in one building. Carl Gutschow, an architect with Thompson & Litton, was present at the meeting this week and said the CCDC, a green construction, would be a partly split level structure, cascading down the hillside on the high school campus. It would include an elevator and ramp.

As part of the project, the administration offices would be moved from the location on Newtown Road to the CCDC.

Also, the School Board is asking that Supervisors explore the possibility of having the public roads that cross through the campuses of Floyd Elementary School and the high school be abandoned so the roads are no longer public roads and revert to the Floyd County Public Schools property.

The new CCDC and renovated CTE structure would mean more than buildings for the county, its students and residents, said Supt. Dr. John Wheeler. “It comes down to workforce development.”

The Floyd County School Division is in a good position, he noted. While some school divisions are occupied with substantial rebuilding projects for their aging schools, Floyd County would not only be upgrading its schools that will last 20 years and beyond but also building a workforce development center and expanding the experiences of students, if the project is approved. “They can go into the current workforce and the county can attract the type of workforce we want.”

Wheeler said FCHS Principal Barry Hollandsworth, the CTE faculty, School Board, Supervisors and others (including local businesses, the Virginia Department of Education, and professionals at Virginia Tech) have had input on this project. “We’re at a good place with the design, the instructional needs….This is not about buildings…this is about the instructional process of learning we start with three-year-olds…and then it will culminate with these experiences.” Wheeler said he would also be talking with other localities “that were where we are now”.

He explained there are opportunities to connect to the ag and robotics program offered at Virginia Tech, cyber security program at Radford University, and multiple programs at New River Community College, and specific job skill courses can be offered not only to students during the day and but also to adults in the evening.

School Board Chairman James Ingram said the new buildings and offerings would benefit everyone. “It’s a win-win for the whole county.”

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