A 33-year-old Floyd County man is charged with murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend, Suzanne B. Cabaniss, at a home on Long Level Road, SW shortly before the end of last year.

Floyd County grand jurors indicted Kyle Joseph Marchon on January 8. He originally told investigators he was not with her when a gunshot wound above her left eye killed her shortly after 6:42 a.m. on December 6. His indictment was sealed until after sheriff’s deputies arrested him on January 11.

Search warrants issued in the case say deputies found Cabaniss lying on her back, wearing just underwear, in a pool of blood with a pistol near her with a dark impression, consistent with the shape and size of the end of the barrel of the weapon, that indicated she was shot at close range.

Investigators found a home with broken dishes in the kitchen, overturned chairs in a living room where marks on the carpet showed Cabaniss was moved after she was shot. An eight-inch length of human hair that matched the color of her hair was pulled out from the roots and was found on top of the couch, the search warrant reported.

Other information in the warrants detailed “conflicting stories” from Marchon on where he might have been when Cabaniss was shot. He told one officer he was descending a staircase in the home and heard a shot before running to her while telling her she would be all right.

Another officer reported Marchon claimed he was downstairs stairs in another part of the house and heard the shot.

The search warrant reported Marchon claimed he removed all firearms from the home a number of days before the shooting but also said he brought a .22 caliber handgun back to the house the night before Cabaniss died.

But search warrants also reported finding three shotguns, two rifles and ammunition for the weapons in the home in an examination of the home on the day of the shooting.

Marchon told officers he and Cabaniss had fought earlier that morning, the warrant said. Police and court records show a history domestic violence abuse cases involving Marchon and Cabaniss.

Investigators took cell phones and computers from the house to check to see if Cabaniss has reported any attempts to harm herself. They searched the computer to see if she had accessed any sites that discussed suicide or depression.

Marchon remains in New River Valley Regional Jail, awaiting his hearing on appointment of counsel on January 22. An originally-scheduled court appearance on Tuesday was continued to see if he can find his own lawyer instead of a court-appointed attorney.

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