A possible “significant” snowfall is expected in our area this weekend. A Winter Storm Watch has been issued. The weight of the snow on trees and power lines could result in power outages.

For all areas south of Highway 460, the National Weather Service is predicting significant snow, power outages and impacts on travel.

Snow is expected to start falling late Saturday night and to continue until Monday, with the heaviest snowfall on Sunday.

Kevin Sowers, Emergency Management Coordinator, advised earlier this week that everyone should monitor the weather situation, and plan accordingly. “Always plan for power outages, have a secondary heating source for your home, and five days of non-perishable foods.”

Linda DeVito Kuchenbuch, a local amateur meteorologist, said Wednesday, “The track of this storm is the most favorable track for our region to get a significant storm system, and in the winter time that means snow….Currently, the maps and models I study and pore over, all of them are talking about a good amount of liquid precipitation. It’s still far out....The system is still in its infancy (Wednesday morning).”

She advised people not to wait until Saturday night to buy groceries.

“When a storm system like this develops, low pressures can continue to intensify and deepen, which causes them to become stronger,” she added. “And sometimes models don’t always pick up those little developments especially when they interact with the topography of our region and its mountains.”

Kuchenbuch urged people to get their firewood stacked and covered, propane tanks filled, and gasoline for generators. “Given the situation from the last ice storm, there are still many weakened trees and branches, and if this does become a wet snow event, the possibility will exist for power outages.”

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