The Floyd County Parks and Recreation Authority board voted last week to dissolve the authority and asked the County Board of Supervisors to transfer its assets, including the county recreation park, jointly to the county and town of Floyd along with creation of a new parks department.

The resolution, passed by the authority on January 14, shows a 6-1 vote for the action. Supervisors took no actions on the authority resolution during the open sessions of its meeting Tuesday.

Copies of the resolution were provided to The Floyd Press without comment after the meeting ended late Tuesday night.

The resolution also asked the Supervisors to create a new “County recreation department with an advisory board to make recommendations and coordinate volunteerism in support of recreational sports and activities within the County.”

The resolution asks that the governing bodies of both the county and town “take all necessary actions to carry out the foregoing.”

The authority was created years ago under the Virginia Public Recreational Facilities Authorities act of 1950 by the county and town in a concurrent resolution.

The resolution is still subject to review and action by both the Board of Supervisors and the Floyd Town Council.

In another matter at the Supervisors’ meeting Tuesday, Karim Kahn, director of Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library, said the system needs $82,432 for its upcoming fiscal year budget, an increase of $6,707 over current funding to handle a 15 percent increase in salary costs and other needs.

Kahn said the library in Floyd – the Jessie Peterman Library - hopes to “enhance” operations by increasing hours to match the opening and closing times of the other library branches in the system, interior repainting and a new floor covering in the community room.

Revenue decreases at the library, Kahn said, comes from a program to let kids waive overdue fines if they participate in programs and a drop in DVD rentals because of increased video streaming.

The county expects to start work in the fiscal 2020 budget, which takes effect on July 1 of this year.

In other actions Tuesday:

--Supervisors transferred a $5,892.33 refund from the disbanded New River Valley Drug Task Force to the Solve Waste account to purchase new video equipment for monitoring green box trash disposal sites;

--The Board approved a budget transfer of $9,570 from the Capitol Improvement Fund to the Operation and Maintenance Category in the school board budget for rewiring of light fixtures in the high school’s older gymnasium to accept LED light bulbs.

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