The Floyd County School Board will have its monthly meeting today beginning at 5:00 p.m.

A complete agenda is printed below. Please note that two of the agenda items - recognition of cafeteria staff and aligning Willis Elementary School's Reading Instruction with Student Needs - have now been moved to the February meeting.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Floyd County School Board

Regular Meeting

5:00 p.m.

1. Meeting Opening

A. Call to Order

B. Pledge of Allegiance

C. Moment of Silence

D. Member Attendance

2. School Board Organizational Matters

A. Election of Chairman

B. Election of Vice-Chairman

C. Appointment of School Board Clerk

D. Appointment of School Board Deputy Clerk

E. Appoint Division Superintendent Designee

F. Authorized Signatures

G. Set School Board Meeting Date/Time

3.Special Recognition

A. Appreciation to Cafeteria Staff for Serving our Community

4. Instructional Spotlight

A. Aligning Willis Elementary School’s Reading Instruction with Student Needs

5. Public Comments

A. Public Comments

6. Consent Agenda

A. Minutes

B. Payment of Expenditures

C. Financial Report

D. Personnel Recommendations

E. Approval of Consent Agenda

7. Actions Items

A. Adult Welding Class

B. Revised Request to BOS Regarding Road Ownership

C. Capital Improvement Fund Request

D. Supplemental Appropriations Request

8. Superintendent’s Report- Dr. John F. Wheeler

A. Facilities Update

B. Student Wellness and Citizenship Update

C. Community Outreach Update

9. Information Items

A. Student Membership Report

B. Statement of Economic Interests

10. Conference Information

A. VSBA Superintendent Evaluation- February 20, 2019

B. VSBA Hot Topic Conference- March 13, 2019

C. VSBA Hot Topic Conference- April 22, 2019- Charlottesville, VA

D. VSBA Regional Blue Ridge Forum- May 1, 2019

E. VSBA School Law Conference- June 7, 2019- Richmond, VA

F. VSBA Conference on Education- July 23, 2019 – Richmond, VA

G. VSBA Legislative Advocacy Conference- September 24, 2019- Chesterfield, VA

H. VSBA Annual Convention- November 20-22, 2019- Williamsburg, VA

11. Other Matters

A. None

12. Closed Session

A. Motion to Convene Closed Session

B. Motion to Reconvene to Open Meeting

C. Certification of Closed Session

D. Action from Closed Session

13. Adjournment

A. Motion to Adjourn

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