Virginia voters made their choices clear Tuesday and chose Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Morgan Griffith over their challengers. In a wide margin, Kaine defeated Republican Corey Stewart and Libertarian Matt Waters to return to the U.S. Senate for a second term. Griffith won a fifth term as the 9th District Congressman in the House of Representatives after defeating Democrat Anthony Flaccavento by a 2-1 margin.

In Floyd County voters went with the Republicans on the ticket with Stewart taking almost 62 percent of the vote and Griffith almost 63 percent. Out of the county’s registered 10,919 voters, 6,743 cast votes in the Senate race; 6,751 voted in the Congressional race.

Also on Tuesday, Virginia voters overwhelmingly approved two new amendments to the Virginia constitution, both dealing with property tax issues.

Unofficial election results for Floyd County

United States Senate: Corey A. Stewart – Absentee, 312, Locust Grove, 772, Little River, 833, Courthouse 620, Burks Fork, 771, Indian Valley, 870, Total, 4,178; Timothy M. Kaine – Absentee 372, Locust Grove 411, Little River 537, Courthouse 514, Burks Fork 335, Indian Valley, 310, Total, 2,479; Matt J. Waters – Absentee 2, Locust Grove 13, Little River 30, Courthouse 11, Burks Fork, 8, Indian Valley, 14, Total, 78.

House of Representatives: H. Morgan Griffith – Absentee, 318, Locust Grove, 792, Little River, 837, Courthouse, 645, Burks Fork, 767, Indian Valley, 876, Total, 4,235; Anthony J. Flaccavento, Absentee, 370, Locust Grove, 403, Little River, 564, Courthouse, 505, Burks Fork, 347, Indian Valley, 322, Total, 2,511.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment Question 1: Absentee, yes, 454, no, 207, Locust Grove, yes, 758, no, 420, Little River, yes, 799, no, 566, Courthouse, yes, 700, no, 408, Burks Fork, yes, 676, no, 409, Indian Valley, yes, 712, no, 442, Total, yes, 4,099, no, 2,452.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment Question 2: Absentee, yes, 555, no, 98, Locust Grove, yes, 977, no, 206, Little River, yes, 1,105, no, 259, Courthouse, yes, 937, no, 177, Burks Fork, yes, 907, no, 176, Indian Valley, yes, 956, no, 190, Total, yes, 5,437, no, 1,106.

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