Four Smyth County residents who were the subjects of two videos that captured portions of a domestic altercation will go before a Smyth County Juvenile and Domestic Relations judge later this month.

The videos, which show the escalating tensions between two groups of people that led one man to brandish an ax and a woman to brandish a firearm, had more than 200 shares and 21,000 views on social media before they were removed.

In sworn complaints filed against three of the individuals at the Smyth County Courthouse, 40-year-old Nadia Harmon wrote that she was granted a temporary protective order against her husband, 54-year-old Michael David Harmon, on June 5. In the complaint, Nadia Harmon said that she had gone with friends to the home on Old Ebenezer Road in Marion on June 6 to collect some of her and her children’s belongings while her husband was out. She tried to use her key, she said, but the locks had been changed, so she kicked in the front door, grabbed some things and left.

In a complaint filed against Nadia Harmon, Michael Bryan Harmon, the 26-year-old son of Nadia Harmon’s husband, wrote that when he went to his father’s house and discovered the front door handle was broken, he called his father and sister, Kelly Richardson. Once he arrived, the elder Michael Harmon called the police and waited outside, according to the complaint.

After leaving the home, Nadia Harmon wrote, she realized she left her keys behind and returned to get them.

“By that point, Kelly Harmon Richardson, Michael David Harmon and [Michael] Bryan Harmon were standing in the front yard,” Nadia Harmon said in her complaints against the three. “Once we saw them, we kept driving, then realized it was a one way street and dead ended.”

According to Nadia Harman’s complaint, her group in the car found their path blocked.

One of the videos shows two SUVs parked sideways in the road. The 31-year-old Richardson is not actually seen in the videos, but is accused in Nadia Harmon’s complaint of being the driver of one of the SUVs. Michael Bryan Harmon is accused of driving the second.

 In his account of events, Michael Bryan Harmon wrote that while they were waiting police to arrive, the car Nadia and her friends were travelling in stopped. He said his father ran to the road and hollered at them.

“Nadia and another lady and two guys got out [of the] car and pulled gun,” he wrote in his complaint against Nadia Harman. “Then dad started after them and I got scared so I got [an] axe for protection was scared for my life.”

The younger Michael Harmon said in the complaint that the car kept pulling up and down the road and that its occupants were trying to fight. The video shows one of the men running toward the car, yelling. At that point another woman in the car pulls a firearm and points it at the man as the driver quickly reverses the car.

The men continue to stand in the road several yards away, the video shows, and the woman gets out of the car, with gun in hand, and exchanges heated words with the men. Before that video ends, the two men can be seen walking back toward where the SUVs had been parked.

Not captured on video is how the ax ended up embedded into the Charger’s rear driver’s side quarter panel, just below the gas tank door.  In her complaint against the three, Nadia Harman said they tried to get past the SUVs by driving through the yard.

“. . . Kelly backed her vehicle up and tried to hit us, but instead we backed up and she hit Bryan’s SUV. Bryan got out and swung the axe into the gas tank, while Kelly was blocking us in and Mike punching the windshield.”

In his complaint against Nadia Harmon, Michael Bryan Harmon said that when his sister ran into him, he went over the front of the vehicle. When he hit the ground, he said the ax also hit the ground.

A second video picks up with the two SUVs following the Charger toward Marion on Old Ebenezer Road while Smyth County deputies are en route. Once on Railroad Drive, one of the SUVs falls back.  

In the video, the group in the car with Nadia Harmon tell the dispatcher that they are going to the Marion Police Department; however, once they stop at the stop sign where Railroad Drive meets Lee Highway, the remaining SUV drives around the Charger and blocks the road. As the SUV’s occupant gets out, the Charger makes a right toward Adwolf.

The video shows the SUV continue to follow the Charger. One of the Charger’s occupants can be heard telling the dispatcher that they were travelling at 65 miles per hour just before the SUV stops as a deputy passes in the opposite direction. The second video comes to an end as officers approaches the vehicles involved.

The warrants sworn out by Nadia Harmon, charges Michael David Harmon, Michael Bryan Harmon, both of Marion, and Kelly Harmon Richardson of Atkins, with one count each of abduction and property damage.

The three were released on $5,000 unsecured bonds.

In the warrant sworn out by Michael Bryan Harmon, Nadia Harmon of Marion is charged with misdemeanor brandishing of a firearm. Nadia Harmon was released on a summons.

Sherriff Chip Shuler said the charges are the result of warrants the individuals filed against one another. He said, however, that had they not pressed charges independently, his office would have sought similar charges from the commonwealth’s attorney’s office.

Speaking on video evidence, Shuler advised people who are able to capture such events on camera to refrain from posting them online. He explained that doing so could potentially hinder the investigation, and, ultimately, the prosecution of a crime.

“Bring them to us,” he said. “That’s not the place to try a case.”

All four charged in the incident are scheduled for their first court appearances on June 25.





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