Guy Hamilton Coble

Guy Hamilton Coble

A man with a lengthy criminal record, carrying a large hunting knife and a pint of rum was arrested at the entrance of the Wythe County Sheriff’s Office Friday morning.

A security officer in the Wythe County General District Courthouse, located above the sheriff’s office, looked out a window and saw Guy Coble, 31, walking toward the entrance, police said. She called 911 and officers sprang into action, locking down General District Court, Wythe County Circuit Court and the sheriff’s office. Officers also blocked off Fourth Street, which runs by the entrance, Wythe County Sheriff Keith Dunagan said.

Officers from the sheriff’s office and Wytheville Police Department responded to the emergency call.

Wythe County First Sgt. Stacy Dixon and Maj. Anthony Cline distracted Coble, allowing Wytheville Police Officer Brandon Smith time to hit Coble in the side leg and arm with a Taser, bringing him to the ground so officers could arrest him.

Cline said Coble was intoxicated and “came to make entry into the sheriff’s office.”

Coble was unable to complete a bond hearing Friday, so one will be held later, officials said. He is facing charges of obstruction of justice, disorderly conduct, assault and battery of Cline, assault and battery of Dixon, assault and battery of Officer Jeff Hall and assault and battery against Investigator Chris Terry.

He was taken to the New River Valley Regional Jail.

In June, Coble was given a 12-month jail sentence after being convicted of a June 27, 2018, misdemeanor destruction of property charge, according to court records. A felony extortion charge against him was dropped.

He’s also set to appear in General District Court on Monday related to an allegation that he failed to pay restitution stemming from another misdemeanor destruction of property charge, according to court records.

Coble also has previous convictions for assault, obstructing justice, trespassing, public intoxication and reckless driving, court records show.

In May 2017, he was shot in the chest during a domestic disturbance at his father’s home on Pine Ridge Road. Two months later, he was charged with disorderly conduct after police responded to a disturbance at the Fastenal shop at 500 Peppers Ferry Road. Officers found Coble in a verbal confrontation with two people, according to police.

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Darlena Ellias

Criminal record of Guy Coble is very long but is not getting any severe punishment that he deserves. Visit top australian essay services to get more information about essays. Presence of long knife along with the bottle of rum proves that he was willing to do something very wrong.

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