Some of the filming for a STRONG Accountable Care Community commercial took place at Saltville Elementary School in the facility’s “calming room” and “sensory room” that help students dealing with trauma.

Saltville Elementary School is featured in a television and social media broadcast spot for the STRONG Accountable Care Community.

STRONG stands for: Striving Toward Resilience and Opportunity for the Next Generation.

This organization is “striving toward improving the economic, educational, and health outcomes of nearly one million citizens living in 21 counties in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.”

The broadcast spot on local television stations and Facebook offers an opportunity to learn about Accountable Care Communities that work to improve the overall health and well-being of their region. They are made up of community partners from local and regional businesses, community organizations, faith-based organizations, health care organizations, schools and more representing the urban and rural diversity of Central Appalachia.

ACC members recognize that health is impacted by more than just medical care. It’s also affected by: behavior, such as nutrition, exercise, and substance use habits; environment, including housing and transportation; genes and biology; and social factors, such education levels and employment opportunities.

STRONG focuses on enhancing supportive systems, programs and policies, and environments that nurture children, teens, and families to ensure they reach their full potential.

Key focus areas include: childhood trauma and resilience; obesity; substance use; and tobacco use.

The STRONG Accountable Care Community Leadership Council is made up of 26 community members from Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. In this area, they include: Dennis Carter, Ed.D., superintendent, Smyth County Public Schools; Karen Shelton, M.D., health director, Mount Rogers Health District, Virginia Department of Public Health; Laura Davis, LCSW, LSATP, coordinator, Mount Rogers Community Services Board, Wytheville.

The most recent STRONG broadcast spot featuring Saltville Elementary School was shown at Monday’s Smyth County School Board meeting.

Carter said Saltville Elementary was chosen for participation in the spot because of the school’s focus on dealing with student trauma, the presence of a calming room and sensory room, and programs to help at-risk students at an early age.

A majority of the students at Saltville Elementary are considered at-risk, dealing with life at or below the poverty level.

Frye said she is pleased with the school’s programs and was excited for the children to be highlighted in the commercial.

The crew did a lot of filming that showed interactions between students and teachers. The broadcast spot features a number of schools and communities in the two states and focuses on being a mentor, a volunteer, a helping hand and a friend.

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