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ReVIDA Recover Center recently opened in Wytheville. The center is dedicated to helping people battling opioid addiction.

A new business has opened in Wytheville to help people battling opioid addiction. ReVIDA Recovery Center aims to help patients overcome addiction, rebuild relationships and take back their lives.

The clinic is one of seven ReVIDA Recovery Centers to open recently in locations across Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee. ReVIDA is a comprehensive behavioral health care company that incorporates medication-assisted treatment and works to empower patients to reclaim the life they had before addiction.

According to REVIDA CEO Lee Dilworth, during each visit, patients will see a physician, care coordinator and counselor. A drug screen will be given at each visit. He said the center will administer Suboxone, a medication used to treat addiction to painkillers, but that medication is just one piece of the treatment puzzle.

“It’s not treatment if it’s just medication,” he said, adding that the Suboxone can help with withdrawal from opiods and the cravings.

“It quiets the brain, he said. “It frees the brain to do the clinical work.”

Other aspects of treatment include individual and family counseling, group therapy and support groups. Several Narcotics Anonymous meetings are held at the clinic each week. In addition, the center guides people in everyday aspects of sober living like balancing a checkbook, finding a place to live and securing employment.

Dilworth, a Nashville-based health care executive, said he and his partners founded ReVIDA to make a difference after three of his son’s friends lost their lives to the opioid epidemic tearing through the country.

“They used to eat at my kitchen table. I know their parents, and I’ve been in their homes,” he said. “We started this company to help people who struggle with this disease reclaim their lives from opioids.”

By helping patients, ReVIDA also helps the community, Dilworth said, because employers have lost employees to the epidemic and economies have suffered.

“There are a lot of implications for this epidemic,” he said. “By helping patients, we believe we’re helping communities as well, and that’s our goal.”

During a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday, Wytheville Mayor Beth Taylor welcomed ReVIDA.

“This is such a great team,” she said. “We’ve met some of the team players today, from top to bottom. I think this is going to be an awesome service. I found this interesting: in 2017, there was over 1,200 deaths in the state of Virginia just from opioid overdoses alone. And many in this room still feel the pain of about a year ago (when) we had two high school kids murdered due to a drug deal. So, most of us still feel that.”

ReVIDA will partner with various agencies to help patients, including health care providers, social services, Family Preservation Services and law enforcement.

“I think with all of us working together, we can accomplish something here,” Taylor said.

The ReVIDA center is located at 255 Holston Road, the former location of Watauga Recovery Centers and Scrooges Restaurant. ReVIDA remodeled the building to include office areas, waiting areas and treatment rooms. The large meeting room is open to community clubs and groups.

“This is an open building,” Dilworth said. “This room right here is open to anyone who needs a place to meet. This facility is open to anyone, and you’re welcome anytime. Have a cup of coffee, learn about what we do here, get your groups to come here for a place to meet.”

Dilworth said patients can either be referred to the center or “walk right in.” The center has treated 125 patients in Wytheville and is fielding phone calls from family, parents and grandparents concerned about family members, he said.

The cost of the program depends on health insurance coverage and benefits. The center accepts self-pay patients. The length and frequency of treatment is determined by assessments.

Other ReVIDA Recovery Centers are located in Abingdon and Duffield in Virginia. In Tennessee, there are centers in Knoxville, Morristown, Newport and Johnson City.

For information, visit online or visit the ReVIDA Recovery Centers Wytheville Facebook page. The phone number is (276) 227-0206.

To reach Millie Rothrock, call 228-6611, ext. 35, or email

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