Bland County drug bust

Bland County police show the cash and suspected methamphetamine seized during a Sunday afternoon search.

Officers seized nearly $150,000 in cash and approximately 12 ounces of methamphetamine from a Bland County residence on Sunday, but the occupant fled and is facing a string of felony charges related to a search of his single-wide trailer and the escape.

Bland County Sheriff’s Office deputies were still looking for 59-year-old David Todd Ray on Monday to serve him with arrest warrants they obtained following Sunday’s search and confrontation at 78 Colley’s Trailer Park Road Lane in Bastian.

According to police and court documents, officers got a search warrant for Ray’s residence on Sunday after a Dublin police officer found meth, scales, baggies and needles on an individual in the parking lot of a Dublin gas station.

The individual told Bland County police that he’d gotten meth from Ray on Saturday and had personally counted $125,000 in cash at Ray’s residence.

Armed with the search warrant, officers from Bland, Wythe and the Virginia State Police put Ray’s trailer under surveillance and waited for him to return on Sunday at approximately 3:30 p.m.

Officers surrounded his 2011 Chevrolet Camaro at his residence and ordered him out of the car at gunpoint, police said.

Instead of getting out, though, Ray, who had a pit bull in the car with him, sped off through the officers, who were out of their vehicles, and hit a boat trailer and utility trailer before crossing the Bastian Union Church park and heading south on U.S. 52 toward Bland. No officers, though, were struck or injured.

“We thought we had him hemmed in, but apparently we didn’t,” Sheriff Tom Roseberry said.

After searching for Ray and his car on Sunday, Roseberry finally found the abandoned, locked Camaro in the Jefferson National Forest off of Kimberling Road.

A dog tracked Ray to the top of the mountain before losing Ray’s scent, Roseberry said.

Officers, though, searched Ray’s trailer and reported finding $149,088 in cash, baggies of meth, four boxes of new syringes, glass smoking devices, laptop computers and digital scales. They also seized an ATV from Ray’s yard.

Deputy Brandon Anders, who obtained the search warrant, said officers also found security cameras inside and outside the trailer along with an alarm that alerted Ray when someone was on his property.

Officers got a search warrant for the Camaro on Monday but only found another set of scales, police said.

When captured, Ray will face the following charges: possession with the intent to distribute, felony eluding police, felony assault on law enforcement (eight counts) related to the officers outside his residence when he fled, possessing drugs within 1,000 feet of a daycare, obstruction of justice and reckless driving on church property.

In June, Ray was convicted of having a radar detector or jamming device in his Camaro, according to court records.

He was fined $40 plus $51 in court costs, which he paid.

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When did it become illegal to have cash...even $150,000?

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