Sewer Service Expansion

A map showing the proposed sewer service extension approved by Washington County governments.

ABINGDON, Va. — A revised and expanded agreement to provide sewer service between Abingdon and Bristol was passed by unanimous votes of the Abingdon Town Council, Washington County Board of Supervisors and Washington County Service Authority last week.

These three governing bodies met in a joint session in Abingdon to approve an amendment to a 2010 sewer agreement between the three organizations.

The addendum will provide sewer service south of the Oak Park Center for Business and Industry, largely along the U.S. Highway 11/Lee Highway corridor, said Robbie Cornett, general manager of the Washington County Service Authority.

Late last year, the service authority secured $18.5 million in funding for this wastewater project, including a $9.1 million USDA Rural Development Grant, Cornett said.

“With this project, 111 existing residents and businesses would receive public sewer service for the first time,” Cornett said.

This project will also become what Cornett called “the backbone” for providing sewer service to neighborhoods and businesses along U.S. 11.

Neighborhoods that could eventually come online with sewer service include Preston Hills, Woodstone Estates, Lowry Hills and Evergreen Hills, said Supervisor Dwayne Ball, the county’s Wilson District representative.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in public wastewater service there for years,” Cornett said.

With those neighborhoods, the project could provide sewer service for another 731 existing residences and businesses, Cornett said.

The project also has the potential to provide as much as $800,000 in new wastewater revenue each year for the town of Abingdon, according to Cornett.

Ball thanked the supervisors for passing the agreement, which he said could help residents with aging septic systems as well as inspire the start of new businesses in the Exit 10 area, just off I-81.

“I think it will be a great benefit to our whole area.” | 276-791-0709 | @BHC_Tennis

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