As the general election nears, political signs are popping up all over the county.

In odd-numbered years, local offices are contested and interest grows in the races for town and county positions.

The only county-wide contested race this year is the sheriff’s race. Current Sheriff Shannon Zeman is retiring.

Since the candidates for Sheriff are canvassing the entire county, they have placed the most signs. There are hundreds of them.

“I’ve put them all over the county; on the main roads, side roads, even dead end roads,” said Brian Craig, the Republican candidate. “They’re a good way of advertising, but I don’t put signs on anyone’s land unless they have requested them.”

Jimmy Howery, who is running as an Independent, said most of his signs are yard signs, but he also has a few of the large signs. “Some of them have vanished or been thrown away, but that’s not unusual for an election.”

Linda Devito Kuchenbuch, who waited until after Labor Day to start campaigning, is an independent candidate for Supervisor for Little River District, also with a contested race. Virgel Allen, the current Supervisor for that District, is not seeking reelection.

Where most political signs are red, white, and blue, Kuchenbuch’s signs are printed in school colors of black and gold. She said some of her signs have been placed outside of her district. “I have friends in other districts who have asked for signs, and my constituents drive by every day, plus if I’m elected, I’ll serve the entire county.” She said she is also “very cognizant about how people feel about signs,” always asking the property owners before placing signs.

Eddie Worth is the Republican candidate for Supervisor of Little River District. He ordered 100 signs and said he has “put up about 60 or 65. I’ll put up a few more, but save a few fresh ones to put out at the poll on Election Day.” Worth said he had put up some signs, and he has had volunteers help, too. “Some people want to put up signs, but they don’t like to mow or weed-eat around them.”

“I ordered 200 signs, and I’ve put up about 50 so far,” said Michael Schumann, an independent candidate for Supervisor of Burks Fork – a three-way race with Kerry Underwood and incumbent Supervisor Joe Turman. “I add a few more each week. I don’t put them on the state right-of-way, and I ask the property owner’s position.”

Kerry Underwood, also running as an independent for Supervisor of Burks Fork, said he has put up about 50 signs. “I had one 85-year old lady who said she got one of my signs out of a neighbor’s yard and asked me to give another one to her neighbor.”

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