The Floyd County School Board voted Monday to prepare a quote for the use of school buses by Across-the-Way Productions, Inc. for the 2019 FloydFest event this summer.

The proposal involves shuttling FloydFest visitors to and from the event at points in the town in an effort to boost the local economy.

Mayor Will Griffin told the Press Tuesday that the Floyd Town Council views FloydFest, which is now a five-day event, as an asset. “Over the past few years, the impact FloydFest has had on our local economy has gone down.” This proposal would be “an economic opportunity” – not only giving local citizens a quicker and easier route into the festival, but also allowing FloydFest to offer excursions to their patrons to explore the Town of Floyd.

Pick-up and drop-off for shuttle riders would be at the recreation park and then for excursions, a central point in town, perhaps the library.

On Monday School Board member Pam Snead said, “I think that I’m OK with it, but I think we’ve got to have some indemnification…if there’s an accident….We’re here to educate the children, and that’s our sole concern, so while I see there’s a need (for) utilizing the older buses for that purpose, I also see there’s room to proceed with caution…making sure we’re covered legally.”

“I think that would be part of the process moving forward,” remarked Vice-Chairman Laura LeRoy.

Chairman James Ingram commented there would be a contract and no costs to the school system.

“All of it goes through the Code of Virginia. It’s a coded…legal process,” added Supt. Dr. John Wheeler.

Snead wanted to stipulate that older buses would be used.

“I don’t think that I can support it just on the principle,” said School Board member Gene Bishop, who remarked later that he didn’t think it helped “our image”. He said that he didn’t believe the majority of people would support it. “I don’t have the heartbeat of everyone on my phone, but I think I have a good idea.”

LeRoy said she would like to support it and the local economy. She made the motion to pursue the next step to prepare a quote and follow the code of Virginia process for the use of the school buses.

The School Board members said they wanted to review the contract once it is received.

The motion carried with a vote of 3-1 with LeRoy, Ingram and Snead voting yes and Bishop voting no.

After the contract is reviewed by the School Board, the contract will be sent to the Board of Supervisors.

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