While a longtime Wytheville business is expanding and moving to a new location, a well-known Ivanhoe store is closing its doors.

Coldwell Banker Select/Xterior Plus

Longtime Wytheville business Coldwell Banker Select Real Estate is moving to a new location and in a new direction.

The company’s new model home is located at 580 E. Lee Highway, between Interstate 81 exits 73 and 77 just outside Wytheville. There customers will find the new all-in-one Home Center with knowledgeable real estate agents and experts in new construction. Next door, at Xterior Plus, the staff is ready to answer questions about flooring, windows, siding, roofing and pricing.

Barry and Angie Catron have owned Coldwell Banker Select Real Estate for most of their adult lives. They bought the independent franchise while in their mid-20s because of their love of houses and the area. Barry, who also loved renovating buildings and new construction, opened a housing center and built a lot of homes over the years.

As the housing market changed in the mid 2000’s, their focus turned more to real estate, but Barry began to miss the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment of building a quality home from start to finish. Now returning to their roots, the Catrons have set out to establish a company with a unique approach to providing a value-based service for a broader range of clients and to meet the diverse needs of an expanding market.

The Catrons believe their East Lee Highway address is the ideal location, convenient for clients and with high visibility to attract new business, all in a coffee shop style atmosphere. They said customers like the idea of a construction company that displays its products for customers.

“With this new concept, we wanted to start slow,” Catron said. “We’ve had great success in both real estate and new construction, but over the years we have always kept them very separate. The new company started with home improvements and over the years we have added most any product necessary to remodel a home. It took time adding products because we were very discerning in the line of products we wanted to carry and most often we would inspect the plant where they were built to ensure the highest value and quality. Most of our products are purchased directly from the manufacturer allowing us to sell the best products at the most competitive prices.”

Two years ago, the Catrons added a successful flooring division to their company.

“We offer the most extensive selection and variety in the area,” Barry Catron said. “Our installers have the facilities to pre-cut your floor in our shop, which speeds up installation and ensures the floor and your house stay clean.”

As they begin to focus again on new construction, the Catrons have created an extensive website – www.xteriorplus.com - with more than 300 house plans from which to choose and customize.

“Our process from start to finish allows us to complete homes much quicker with the greatest value to our customers,” Catron said, adding that the business can meet every expectation from the first-time home buyer to the seasoned investor.

The Catrons feel final piece of the puzzle has fallen into place, allowing them to house all of their businesses in one location.

“Our business plan is simply this - any business has a certain amount of overhead cost, but by consolidating all of the branches of our enterprise under one umbrella, the overhead for each is significantly reduced allowing us to pass those savings onto our valued clients,” Catron said. “I can’t say we will always be the cheapest because we are fully licensed and insured, but we will always strive to provide our clients with the best products and services at the greatest value.”

With one visit, customers can access 360-degree home solutions, from buying and selling, to renovating, repairing, or new construction, Catron said.

“We have created a unique experience when it comes to housing. Imagine being able to select from the latest floor designs right in our model home or look at real estate and have the option for us to build your own new home,” he said.

“We have always loved our office on Main Street, and it is the best spot in town,” Catron said. “But having our agency in the same location as our other offices will be much more convenient for our clients in the area and for the folks that want to move to Southwest Virginia and share this special sense of community and this way of life that we call home.”

For information, call 276-228-2030.

Robin’s Git-n-Go

Ivanhoe resident Robin Jones is closing her convenience store later this week. Saturday will be the store’s last day. The U.S. Post Office will remain open beside the store on Ivanhoe Road.

Jones has operated the store for more than 25 years. Initially she owned the store with Ivanhoe businessman and Wythe County Supervisor Coy McRoberts, but she eventually bought him out, she said. The post office has operated out of the store for more than 20 years.

Jones said her reason for closing is simple.

“The Dollar General store put me out of business,” she said of the nearby store that opened last year. “There was no business here no more. Sitting here making $90 a day, you can’t pay the bills like that.”

She said customers think she is sad about closing the store, but she’s not.

“God does things for a reason,” she said, adding that she is searching for a job and hopes to be hired soon.

“I’m not overly excited about going; it’s all new to me, the job search. But I’ve just got to pull up my big girl britches and do what I have to do to make a living,” she said.

Jones hopes to close out all of her accounts soon.

“I don’t want to owe anyone,” she said. “Hopefully, this week I’ll wrap it up.”

When Jones opened the store, she let locals pick the name. One person suggested Git-n’go so people wouldn’t loaf around, she said.

“They still loafed after that, but they loafed outside,” she added. “Now, it’s all gone. It’s just about over. Saturday is definitely my last day – what’s left, I’ll have a yard sale and sell it.”

She recently sold her holiday merchandise to an auction company.

On Monday, Jones remembered making breakfast for her two sons and grandchildren at the store every morning.

“They were here before and after school,” she said. “They ate breakfast here every day of their life.”

Owning the store was convenient – only a mile from her house.

“It wasn’t easy; I worked hard,” she said. “It was a job, and I feel like no matter where you work, you have to work every day. I was in here doing it, and I just stuck with it.”

She said she’ll miss her customers most of all.

“It’s been an adventure, I can tell you that,” she said. “I just really liked doing it. And all the people you meet – I know people from everywhere.”

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