The Falls

Bristol Virginia City Council voted to break up the highlighted parcel on the far eastern side of The Falls development, creating four usable lots for businesses. The land is owned by the city and will be developed by K.D. Moore of Bristol, Tennessee.

BRISTOL, Va. — Bristol Virginia leaders approved a plat redesign for part of The Falls on Tuesday they say paves the way for development on the commercial center’s eastern side.

City Council unanimously approved the subdivision plans of the easternmost nearly 11-acre section of The Falls commercial center — a triangular-shaped lot between the newly created Cascade Drive and the railroad bridge that includes the Pizza Plus restaurant. The change will create four usable lots: one at the corner of Lee Highway and Cascade Drive, one behind that lot off Cascade Drive and two more with Lee Highway frontage. The new lots are 2.2 acres, 1.7 acres, 1 acre and half an acre, respectively.

Currently owned by the city, the lots will be developed by K.D. Moore of Bristol, Tennessee. He joins legacy developer Interstate Development of Bristol, Tennessee, and Blackwater Resources Commercial Development of Birmingham, Alabama, on the 120-acre project near Interstate 81’s Exit 5.

“K.D. Moore went up there and purchased a bunch of property, so he’s obviously looking to talk to clients. What we did tonight lets those plats be broken up so they can have good conversations with those customers, so there is activity,” Mayor Kevin Mumpower said after the meeting. “We’ve got three developers working up there now. We’re going to develop The Falls, and every developer up there is working on it.”

Most recently, Moore has been involved in the redevelopment of the once nearly vacant Euclid Avenue Shopping Center, constructing a Barberitos Southwestern Grill, Popeyes Chicken and McAlister’s Deli in the past year.

City Manager Randy Eads said Moore is attempting to bring “several businesses” to The Falls.

“Approving those lots allows the developer to market them to certain businesses. They will know where they sit and what they have. This is just one step in a long process to make that Falls successful.”

Blackwater, which landed Hobby Lobby, controls about 10 acres in the development’s center.

“Hobby Lobby is having great success with lots of customer traffic, so that is forcing others to talk about coming to The Falls. The developers are talking to more customers per month than we have in the past couple years,” the mayor said.

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