Election Bland

Randy Johnson claimed victory in a three-way race for the Board of Supervisors, according to unofficial results from the Virginia Department of Elections.

Johnson’s 278 votes bested Duane DeHart and Tom Blankenship Jr. DeHart earned 91 votes for a second-place finish. Blankenship received 72 votes.

Adam Kidd was unopposed in his bid for re-election to the Board of Supervisors. Kidd earned 414 votes.

Philip Jordan Buttery was unopposed in seeking a spot on the School Board. Buttery received 411 votes. Duane Bailey, running unopposed, won re-election to the School Board with 367 votes.

Incumbent Republican Sen. Ben Chafin easily bested independent challenger George McCall on Tuesday, taking more than 60% of the vote. In Bland, Chafin grabbed 64% of the vote, garnering 1,217. McCall received 622 votes.

Will Morefield, a Republican, was unopposed in his bid for re-election to the House of Delegates. Morefield received 1,604 votes in Bland.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Patrick White, running unopposed, was returned to office with 1,547 votes. Sheriff Jason Ramsey was also unopposed. Ramsey secured his sheriff’s spot with 1,413 votes. Cindy Wright won re-election to the commissioner of revenue post with 1,714 votes. Also unopposed John Goins received 1,727 votes to win re-election as treasurer.

Gary Johnson and Laymond Barger were elected to the Soil and Water Conservation Director Big Walker District.

Even as national parties kept an eye – and poured money into – Virginia’s elections, there were a staggering number of seats locally and statewide unopposed.

Eleven Senate seat were unopposed, all but one occupied by Democrats. Republicans hold a narrow 20-19 edge in the Senate and a 51-48 advantage in the House.

The Election Day ballots weren’t any more crowded in the House, though. Of the 100 seats up for grabs, 31 featured candidates running unopposed. Again, most of those benefitting from the uncontested races were Democrats.

Terry Kilgore, Will Morefield, Israel O’Quinn, Charles Poindexter, Christopher Head, Terry Austin and Jay Leftwich Jr. were the lone Republicans without opposition. Most of those running unopposed are from the southwestern portion of the state. Leftwich is the only one from outside the broader region, representing Chesapeake City.

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