Leroy Hamblin

Leroy Hamblin

A convicted rapist will spend more time behind bars after being found guilty last week of breaking the rules of his probation.

Leroy M. Hamblin, 51, of Dublin was sentenced to serve two years and six months in jail on Feb. 18 following a Bland County Circuit Court hearing.

Convicted of rape in 2005, Hamblin started his indefinite probation in 2018 after being released from prison.

As part of his probation, Hamblin had to enroll in and complete sex offender treatment, abstain from using alcohol, and complete two polygraph exams each year.

“Mr. Hamblin reported to this officer that he was using meth and alcohol during his offense,” a probation officer wrote in December 2019 violation letter.

According to the letter, Hamblin didn’t show up for polygraph exams and didn’t bring the required co-pay fee to another.

A probation officer said a treatment provider said Hamblin didn’t “willingly participate” in the group sessions.

“Mr. Hamblin admitted that he had been lazy with his treatment and his lack of progress is not entirely based on his literacy problems,” the officer wrote.

Hamblin also continued to drink alcohol while on probation, the letter said, and refused any treatment.

At one point, a probation officer made Hamblin empty 13 beers found in his refrigerator.

“After some discussion, Mr. Hamblin finally admitted that he had purchased a 24 pack of beer recently and that he drinks to calm his nerves,” a probation officer wrote.

On Dec. 9, 2019, Hamblin was discharged from sex offender treatment for not attending, the letter said.

“From November 2018 to his discharge, Mr. Hamblin made minimal, if any, progress in sex offender treatment,” a probation officer wrote.

In addition to getting additional jail time, Hamblin was ordered to pay $343 in court costs after being convicted of violating his probation. After his release, he’ll again be on indefinite supervision.

Hamblin is also facing two charges in Pulaski County of failing to register as a sex offender. His preliminary hearing has been set for March 17 in Pulaski County General District Court.

Hamblin is being held in the New River Valley Regional Jail in Dublin.

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